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Wagner, M. M., Levander, J. D., Brown, S., Hogan, W. R., Millett, N. and Hanna, J. (2013), "Apollo: giving application developers a single point of access to public health models using structured vocabularies and Web services", AMIA Annu Symp Proc, 2013: 1415--1424.

This paper describes the Apollo Web Services and Apollo-SV, its related ontology. The Apollo Web Services give an end-user application a single point of access to multiple epidemic simulators. An end user can specify an analytic problem-which we define as a configuration and a query of results-exactly once and submit it to multiple epidemic simulators. The end user represents the analytic problem using a standard syntax and vocabulary, not the native languages of the simulators. We have demonstrated the feasibility of this design by implementing a set of Apollo services that provide access to two epidemic simulators and two visualizer services.
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