August 2013 - The NIH awarded Dr. Wagner R01 funding for a project entitled “Probabilistic Disease Surveillance.”  

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Wagner, M., Tsui, F., Cooper, G., Espino, J. U., Harkema, H., Levander, J., Villamarin, R., Voorhees, R., Millett, N., Keane, C., Dey, A., Razdan, M., Hu, Y., Tsai, M., Brown, S., Lee, B. Y., Gallagher, A. and Potter, M. (2011), "Probabilistic, Decision-theoretic Disease Surveillance and Control", Online J Public Health Inform, 3, 3.

The Pittsburgh Center of Excellence in Public Health Informatics has developed a probabilistic, decision-theoretic system for disease surveillance and control for use in Allegheny County, PA and later in Tarrant County, TX. This paper describes the software components of the system and its knowledge bases. The paper uses influenza surveillance to illustrate how the software components transform data collected by the healthcare system into population level analyses and decision analyses of potential outbreak-control measures.
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