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How to Obtain Access to the NRDM

Beginning July 2007, in order to continue offering the service, a fee-for-service, based on the number of stores in any given state or health jurisdiction, has been initiated. The fee will be determined each year in order to cover only the cost of operating the program -without profit (the NRDM operates under the direction of researchers and staff of the RODS Laboratory of the University of Pittsburgh, a non-profit entity).

Economies of scale and our non-profit status allow us to offer the service at an extremely affordable cost.  As the number of NRDM subscribers and stores increased, the cost of the service has lowered.  The current service fee rate is $33/store/year.

Please contact the NRDM Program Manager (click on Contact Us above) to obtain a subscription to the NRDM for your jurisdiction. 

If your jurisdiction already has a subscription, please fill out the NRDM Account Application Form to gain access to the NRDM user interface.

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