Effective April 1, 2018 Jeremy Espino, Director of RODS Laboratory, assumed oversight of the NRDM as Fuchiang (Rich) Tsui accepts position at University of PA/Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 

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The RODS Open Source Project

Lead: Jeremy Espino MD and Rich Tsui PhD

Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RODS) is free software for public health surveillance. RODS collects and analyzes disease surveillance data in real time and has been in development since 1999 by the RODS Laboratory. In 2002, the Utah Department of Health used the software for monitoring during the Winter Olympics Games. At present, health departments and other groups nationally and internationally utilize the software.

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RODS is Free Software 

As free software licensed under the Affero GPL License, RODS and its derivatives will always be free.  In choosing the Affero GPL we are affirming our commitment not only to open source development practices but also to free software.  We guarantee your freedom to do what you want with our software with a major condition anyone who improves RODS (including derivatives) is required by our license to release their source code.  To read more about the differences between open source and free software visit:

Have you seen a violation of the Affero GPL License by those that utilize RODS?  Let us know and we will get you access to their source code!  All RODS systems and RODS derivatives must have a link to current source code and retain the University of Pittsburgh's Copyright notices.  To remove the copyright or change the licensing of RODS or its derivatives is a violation.

Examples of projects that utilize RODS code or are derivatives of RODS

  • AEGIS uses the CoCo chief complaint classifier of RODS
  • EpiCenter is a derivative of the RODS system
  • SAPPHIRE uses the CoCo chief complaint classifier of RODS


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